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Identity Management In Social Media Essay

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When it comes to our identities everyone has a different one offline and online. As in for social media’s everyone expresses themselves differently on their profiles not everything said can be a 100% true but then again it can be. That’s the tricky part about reading into someone online versus face to face. Someone can make themselves seem perfect online; but in reality nothing in their life is how they describe it online.
In the articles “Identity Management in Cyberspace” and “Putting Your Best Cyber Face Forward” a few things mentioned caught my attention. In “Putting Your Best Cyber Face Forward” say “ Now that first impressions are often made in cyberspace not face – to – face, people are not only strategizing about how to virtually convey who they are, but also grappling with how to craft an eversion of themselves that appeals to multiple audience – coworkers, fraternity brothers, Mom and Dad.” In the other article all 5 parts, caught my eye and reminded me of a show called Catfish that is given on MTV. The show is about the truth and lies of online dating. Usually the most social networking website used is Facebook. People on the show get to meet the person they have made a relationship with online face to face. Most of the time when the people end up meeting each other they are completely different from what they described themselves to be, to the other person. In some cases they have different names, ages, genders, or look totally different from the pictures they had on their profiles. This is where the other articles step in when they talk about integration, positive and negative valance, level of fantasy or reality and level of conscious awareness and control also the media chosen.
In comparison to both of the articles and the movie You’ve Got Mail. In the movie it shows how two people started an online relationship. They didn’t know it in the beginning; but they did meet each other face – to – face not knowing it. They...

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