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Identity Stereotype – A Case Of Dimple Lin

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What is your first impression when you meet someone? Appearance? Clothing? Hairstyle? Occupations? Hobbles? Attitude? In Hong Kong, cross-cultural influences identity impressions and stereotypes. In this paper, I will initially discuss the connection between Identity and Stereotype in the case of Dimple Lin.

Dimple Lin, a girl who is in 30 years old. She has a different identity: a garage worker and car sales, a taxi driver, a professional pole dancer and an office lady.

My first impression about Dimple, from the news of Apple Daily, which is talking about pole dancers; A feminine young lady with a subscription working in a garage. I wonder how can her working in the garage with this skinny body. We started connect with her in Facebook and Whatsapp, and she is willing to share her daily picture and show us in Facebook. She has a busy schedule between China and Hong Kong for her multi-identities in different working place. Here are some pictures she shows us.
- Dimple’s Self Portrait

3) Planning research program
For our group, all group mates have a work on daytime; it is hard to gathering all people to have a group interview in the same time; Moreover, our interviewee schedule is unpredictable, it make difficult for us to made appointment with her. Before the interview, we have planned some questions and using professional recorder for record the in the interview for sharing with other group mate.

a) 1st Meeting
Date: 1 Nov 2013
Location: Kowloon Tong Innocenter, Pacific Coffee
Time Spending: 3 hours, afternoon
Target: Dimple’s Background, Time Spending in different work, Career path.
Observation: She is talkative, open-hearted, optimistic, considerate, easy going.
Career Path: 1) Garages workers and car sales (Past full time job, part time now)
2) Taxi Driver (Part time)
3) Pole Dancer (Part time)
4) Office Lady (Full time)

Background of Dimple
Dimple family was poor, and she was suffering from poverty in her childhood. When she was 8-9 years old, she always stayed at Mahjong School, the gambling place. She said was bad and has made many mistakes. She has two elder sisters, and her parents doted on her more than her sister.

Car lovers
Dimple love cars so much, from driving skills (from motorbike, private car, light trucks to medium trucks), auto parts, car brand, or car business, she loves anything about car. That’s why she went to apply her driver license on the next day of her 18th year old birthday.

She has a low education level (form 3),...

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