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Identity Theft And Possible Risk In Technology

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Identity Theft and
Possible Risk in Technology
Identity theft has been a major issue of privacy and fraud. In the data breach analysis from the Identity Theft Resource Center (2013), the number of data breaches from the year 2005 to 2012 increased. In 2012, there had been 49% where the data breach exposed people Social Security Number. The data breach of 2012 has a rate of 27.4% caused by hackers. These breaches were commonly from 36.4% businesses and 34.7% health and medical (Identity Theft Resource Center 2013). The number of identity theft varies from physical possession to digital possession. At least one-fifth of trash cans contains papers listing people’s credit card number and personal information. People that throw away their trash mails contain much personal information that is useful to steal someone's identity (Davis, 2002). Technology becomes a need where people use it daily and as a result it has also become a use for identity theft as well. Throughout the years as technology develops so does identity theft. This paper shows the types, methods and technique used for identity theft, and it also examines possible risk of identity theft from current technology.
What is Identity Theft?
Identity theft is a term used for describing criminal that uses individual’s identity without consent. A common crime of identity theft would be identity fraud. Many of the crimes are regularly connected with money-related issues (Reyns, 2013). With technology being commonly used nowadays we are getting more dependent on it for business, financial, medical, and other forms. As a result this became a target for identity thieves as well. The Internet provides us information and accessibility, but information being stored on the Internet easily be found and with a possibility of divulging personal information. This is generally referred to as Cyber-Identity theft.
Cyber-Identity theft is an easy method where people can steal an individual’s identity without going through their trash, mails, and other method that does not need technology. Cyber-Identity theft involves the misuses of online or Internet identity tokens. Our identity tokens that we use online, such as email address, social networking, web pages and their user-name and password login. All these are considered our online identity tokens or our alias. From these tokens, identity thieves can steal this information we have on the internet without knowing who we are in person. These information that can be stolen or be dug up online would involve our name, address, contact information, phone number, tax file numbers and even social security numbers. These Cyber-Identity thieves normally use social engineering as a way of hacking to obtain information (Roberts et al., 2013).
Types of Identity Theft
Identity theft are around for quite some time and there have been different types of identity theft to it. For instance, according to the Federal Trade Commission ("Taking charge what," 2013), there is...

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