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Identity Theft Hurting Americans Essay

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“Identity theft can affect your entire life, from your financial health to your medical health” (Daver HIT). Identity theft has affected over millions of Americans over the past year making it a serious issue in the United States. It has also destroyed many people’s financial and medical insurance. Identity theft has tooken life out the victim’s who have suffered from it emotionally. For many years thieves have used the victim’s information to capture their victim’s credit card debit. Identity theft has been a big problem in the lives of Untied States citizens because of its problems with changing people’s lives, medical issues, and financial problems.
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"Identity theft can also affect your medical history from identity thief, using your identity, may seek treatment at a local hospital this may result in a large number of unpaid medical bills to deal with the increase in use of medical services may also cause your health insurance rates to increase"(Daver HIT). So the thief would make it hard for the victim to be able to get help if an accident were to occur. Also, if the thieve were to have any type of medical problem it would be very expensive for you. “When people are treated using your identity, their medical history and/or conditions may be merged with yours if it is minor stuff, such as burns or colds, it won't affect your health records much, on the other hand if they are diabetic, have AIDS, have cancer, or any other serious medical condition that can have a large impact on your health costs”(Daver HIT). It would be hard to pay the money because of the thieves stealing the money from the victim and paying off the medical bills. But not only is medical health a way of thieves stealing the victims credit information there is also financial health.
Out of all of the ways thieves try to use and steal the victims identity theft is financial health, which is the most important one that can really ruin the victim’s life. Financial health has taken a major role in identity theft. “Credit card theft is exploding, increasing 50% from 2005 to 2010, according to the latest figures from the U.S Department Of Justice”(Anderson ITG). Identity theft is happening more and more every year in the United States costing millions much money. Thieves are finding new ways ever year making it hard for the victims to find out and pay off so many financial bills from the identity theft that could eventually lead the victim into trouble. “Identity theft may not just affect the financial aspect of...

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