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Identity Theft In America Essay

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“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation” (Oscar Wilde). This quote illustrates how in our world, a person’s identity can be easily changed. Many Americans are effected by this problem today. Citizens, criminals, and the government all play a role in this process. However, many disagree as to whether identity theft should be allowed in our country. Based on the history of identity theft and relationships between American citizens, the government, and this issue, identity theft should be abolished in America.
The history of identity theft began around the 1950’s, prior to when our 49th state joined the United States. Identity theft used to be a physical issue. The criminal would murder the victim, then take the name and personal information of the victim (“History of Identity Theft”). The crime was originally not influenced by the desire for money, but rather a way to gain a new identity (“History of Identity Theft”). Years later, however, the crime began to evolve into a way to acquire money. The criminals began to use the telephone to commit their crimes. Almost 100% of identity fraud attempts were by use of the telephone during the 1960’s and 1970’s (“History of Identity Theft”). As this kind of thievery became more known, it occurred less often. Thieves began to look though the trash of the victims, trying to obtain credit card numbers and other personal information (“History of Identity Theft”). Today, the theft of credit card data has increased by 50% from 2005- 2010 (Anderson). Because of this, businesses have become more private about consumers’ private information (“Identity Theft Hits 27 Million Since ’98”). Identity theft has developed from identity gain to money gain. However, money gain by the criminal also accounts for many problems in our country.
One national reason for identity theft to be abolished is that it is of lesser importance to the authorities and also consumes much of their time. Identity theft is the “leading form of property crime” (Anderson). Because of this, the government has concerns about this crime in America. But the government is not the only authority that has concerns. Many officers today feel that we need new rules and procedures to prevent and solve many identity theft cases (Dadisho). There is truth in this and many citizens agree with this consideration. One of the reasons why Americans feel this way is that not many cases of identity theft are actually solved. One of the reasons being is that companies do not cooperate with law enforcement enough (Dadisho). However, not only the companies are at fault here. Not only are the companies not cooperating, but also law enforcement is not interested in smaller cases, but only large ones, involving hundreds of victims. The police, being somewhat idle in this situation, do not want to be involved in identity theft crimes because they are difficult to investigate...

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