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I Dine Network New Company That Is The Leading Provider Of Dining Reward Programs.

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Executive SummaryFounded in 1984 as Transmedia Network Inc, iDine Network, Inc (IRN) is the leading provider of dining reward programs. It administers loyalty and reward programs that offer savings and rewards to members principally when they dine in the company's participating restaurants. To a lesser extend the company also markets rewards for lodging and travel, though this segment of their business is growing. Members of iDine can save up to 20% at participating restaurants and 15% at hotels. However, there are other ways to earn rewards like airline miles, loyalty "points", or cash back. At the moment there are more than 17,500 participating restaurants and hotels in the United States in which customers can earn all these rewards. iDine also has almost two and a half million people enrolled in their programs with at least one dining transaction.In our marketing plan we will include a complete description of the company in which historical operations and recent transactions will be presented. We will present financial reports as well. We will also present the Mission and the Goals of iDine, and how this company achieves sustainable competitive advantage.In our situational analysis we will present an industry analysis and a company analysis. To make our case we will present a SWOT analysis that will facilitate the strategies to follow in order to fulfill the mission and achieve the goals of the company. We will also analyze the competitors as well as the customers of iDine.In the market-product focus we will describe the marketing objectives and which segment of the market the firm is going after. We will also emphasize what makes iDine different than its competitors.We will analyze iDine's Marketing program based on the concept of the four Ps. Product, Price, Promotion, and Placement strategy that helps iDine keep that competitive edge over its competitors.We will present all kinds of financial indicators like annual and quarterly earnings, as well as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows. A complete section will be devoted to explain the organization of the firm and how it is run.We will move into our recommendations and how we can help iDine improve their marketing strategies and its function. In our recommendations we will include a short-term and long-term implementation plan with the timetables and the different strategies regarding pricing, placement, product, promotions, target market, and others.And finally we will end with an evaluation of the whole audit, the new strategies to follow, and the possible results of our plan and recommendations.Company DescriptioniDine Rewards Network Inc. and its subsidiaries market and administer loyalty and reward programs which offer savings and rewards to its members principally when they dine in participating restaurants. To a lesser extent they also market rewards for lodging and travel. The company commenced operations in 1984 and was re incorporated in Delaware in 1987. As of...

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