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Idolizing Celebrities Essay

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Sally walks onto the stage, in a slimming purple Dulcet and Cabana dress, all ready for her close-up. She can hear the screaming fans, and see the glorious light show that would introduce her to the millions of people waiting. She could not believe she had been asked to present this year’s Grammy awards. There were many well worthy people that could earn these awards, and it was up to her to present them. As Sally stands in front of these millions of eager, impatiently waiting people, she begins to wonder about the younger generations, and how they idolize many of the people getting Grammys today. When children idolize someone they try to be just like them and end up changing who they are in the end.
When idolizing someone, one may change the way they talk, just to be more like the person they are idolizing. They may start using inappropriate words to express themselves. For example using curse words when they get hurt or whenever someone makes them mad. Instead of saying something like ouch, they say the curse word or when someone makes them mad instead of saying whatever or so what, they use a curse word. One may even start using synonyms to represent something else totally. Greg Graffin said, “People asked me, “Dude!...Do you Party?” It took me about six months to realize it was a synonym for getting high” (“Anarchy in the Tenth Grade”). By this Graffin is saying that unless one is in the in crowd, one may never even know what many are talking about
Celebrities have no limits, when it comes to fashion and the way they dress. Some celebrities dress the way they want not thinking about all the young generations that adore them. They wear clothes that are to tight fitting or clothes that is not really clothes at all. When they wear clothes that are to tight, some body parts begin to fall out and they get attention for it. This sets a terrible example for preteens because when they see their idols wearing such clothes they believe that if they wear clothes like that too they will get the same attention. When it comes to wearing clothes, that really is not close at all,...

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