Idols Or Enemies? Essay

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Millions of teens and adults are faced with eating disorders and negative body images everywhere they go. Celebrities promote unrealistic standards and display what the “acceptable” body is. Because of our stick thin role models we have in the media today much of our society holds their own body image to the unobtainable standards of celebrities. People are bombarded with images of what’s “sexy” instead of what’s healthy (Helmich). In a world based around celebrities and media, shouldn’t they be promoting a healthy body image instead of the negative ones we are being smothered with?
Cindy Crawford in a magazine interview states, “‘do you look at me and want to puke?’ Evidently, they’re not ...view middle of the document...

Women are surrounded by perfect images everywhere they go, “What’s a person to think? Perfect images of perfect celebrities are everywhere. It’s enough to make anyone feel insecure or envious.” (Mehta 49). Even though we know that models are photo shopped and retouched, we still seek the perfection of which they flaunt on every billboard or magazine cover. The pressure on women in society today to be perfect, with good skin, tight tummies, and an ample chest, is tremendous. Young impressionable women are heaped with the stress of what they have to live up to in the eyes of society. Even though as Graydon said in an article, “most people are way too distracted by their own imperfections to even notice yours,” women still judge others as much as they judge themselves (Mehta 53).
Even though most models and celebrities give off a negative image some celebrities radiate a positive healthy body, but they themselves are as self-conscious as us. Models are people too and struggle with the same issues we do and understand what they are presenting to the public. Jennifer Lawrence has been quoted saying, “I don’t want little girls to skip dinner so she can look like Katniss.” Other celebrities and models like Oprah Winfrey, Michele Obama, and Tyra Banks have promoted a healthy body image and are trying to change the way the media sees women. Some model agencies do find girls that haven’t eaten in days and are too thin. The agencies do turn them away...

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