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Ietary Analysis Case Study Assessment

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Case Study Scenario
LB is a 24 year old female account manager at an advertising agency. She works 12 hour days and goes through phases of eating well and badly. She lives with a friend, never cooks and has little time to exercise. Her height is 172cm and her weight is 72 kg.
LB has recently been feeling tired and moody and was recommended to see a Nutritionist by her Mother. LB does not see the connection between her diet, lifestyle and the way she feels.
The nutritionist asked a series of questions regarding LB’s dietary intake, the results of her questioning are listed below:

Two pieces of white toast at work, one with vegemite and one with peanut butter (commercial ...view middle of the document...

Nutrient Justification of deficiency
Vitamin C Lack of fruit in the diet.
Protein Lack of iron in the diet.
Carbohydrates Not enough fruit, fibre, vegetables and rice in the diet.
Vitamin A D E K Due to lack of omega 3 and 6, glucose, fruit, vegetables.
Iron Lack of meat and vegetables.
Vitamin B group Deficiencies due to diet and alcohol consumption.
Calcium Lack of dairy products in diet.
Energy levels low Due to inadequate diet

Question 2.
What condition/s is LB at risk of developing? Please justify your reasoning for your answer.
LB is at risk of developing long term conditions like cardiovascular disease (stroke, hypertension, heart disease) due to vitamin and fibre deficiencies and possible high cholesterol. Other possible conditions could be:
Digestive infections and diseases caused by vitamin group deficiencies.
Heart failure, nervous system disorders, muscular disorders, weakened nerve function caused by vitamin B group deficiencies.
Slow healing from weakened immunity to sickness due to lack of vitamin C.
Softened bones from lack of vitamin D.
Easy bruising and chances of severe bleeding due to lack of vitamin K.
Possible anaemia (small red blood cells that don’t have enough haemoglobin.) caused from lack of iron.
Diabetes type 2, causes can be inactivity, obesity, diet rich in saturated fats and also high-glycaemic-load foods. Lack of magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc and chromium can also contribute to diabetes type 2.
Reactive hypoglycaemia caused by high sugar levels
Fasting hypoglycaemia which can be caused by an underlying serious medical condition.
Due to excessive alcohol consumption, long term conditions can develop like cirrhosis of the liver, breast, liver, oral and colorectal cancers and cardiovascular disease.
Malnutrition due to insufficient intake of energy, vitamins and macronutrients.
Immune system problems due to lack of selenium and zinc
Question 3:
Taking into consideration the potential nutrient deficiencies identified, prepare a three day diet plan that would address these deficiencies and improve LB’s health.
Please specify the quality and quantity of any foods recommended and include brand names where appropriate.
Make sure you provide detailed information, (e.g., specify which vegetables / meats / salads etc.) for the dietary recommendations.
Please also ensure that you include any cooking methods to be used (e.g., stir-fried, steamed, baked, microwaved, boiled, deep fried, etc.) Use the template provided:

Day 1 Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Beverages
30g of Kellogg’s low fat Muesli cereal with 200g of greek yogurt topped with 150g of sliced kiwi fruit.
1 Cup of coffee (250ml) sweetened with one teaspoon stevia 5g and 10ml skim milk. Choice one: Salad sandwich using two slices of wholegrain bread, organic vegetables like 75g avocado spread, 75g lettuce, 50g olives, one medium tomato, lean ham 20g, 75g beetroot and 60g feta cheese.
Choice two: 250g of homemade vegetable soup including...

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