If 4chan Succeeded, What’s Stopping Us?

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Memes are everywhere and imitate anything we can possibly imagine, from hentai, to cats, to nature and much more. If you can see it, hear it, or think of it, you can make a meme out of it. Then, memes take a life on its own, so it’s like taking real life, imitating it, and then being able to create a new life. 4chan started out as a simple website where people could post content regarding anime. Soon, it imploded to millions of users and dozens of topics. 4chan managed to realize its potential by making use of the internet, which is cheap or free to use, and can be accessed almost anywhere around the world. There are seven billion people on this planet as of now. With the diversity, humor, anonymous aspect of it, free usage, social bonding potential, and spontaneity available, 4chan of course succeeded. And so can an organization of English majors. Read on and find out why.
Let’s start with an easy question which is very difficult to answer even for most English majors: who are we and what do we actually learn everyday in our English classes? We are outcasted because many times people will wonder why you would be an English major when you are already born in an English speaking country. Well, news flash: we learn everything in our English classes to a diversity level, with a solid foundation, that is extremely hard to find in any other majors. Let me explain: one day, we can discuss Star Trek’s ethics and relate it to great works of literature; the other, we can talk about Enron’s bankruptcy and come up with business ideas and memes. We are a diverse group, but what is best about us is that we can come up with the silliest stuff for any consumer or very serious services (such as proofreading for attorneys) within the same day. We study human experience and human nature from all angles and times possible, which according to the 4chan article and many other sources is constant. Starting an online organization of English majors would be the most...

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