If A Dark Lady… (Shakespeare's Woman Of Mystery)

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Does it really matter if William Shakespeare dated a black woman? Did he actually date a black woman? The author does describe the lady he loved as being black. If the lady he describes is black, did it possibly change his writing style in any shape or form? Does the fact that he describes a black woman have anything to do with black culture? I believe William Shakespeare, aside from ...view middle of the document...

Although the lady he describes sounds like a black woman, it does matter. Now I realize that his writing style could have been changed, considering he had a better insight on another culture, one beside his own. He could have seen the world in the eyes of a black person, or at least made an attempt to. To me, I believe that his love saw no color nor hatred. He wrote from the heart; for him to openly describe this woman as black at that time was not only brave, but proved that he did not care about anyone but only his heart. Does the fact that William Shakespeare describe a black woman have anything to do with black culture? I believe so, because not only does this piece give blacks an insight on our history and far back we were a part of the world, but this piece also tells black culture how much of an influence we had on art and history. Reading and listening to the evidence about his lady, tells me that he didn't believe it himself, that he fell for this lady whom he presumed to be black. He surely was changed by this lady and didn't mind letting the world know.

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