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If God Does Not Exist, Then Everything Is Permitted

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On the 22nd of the September of 2013,Pakistan witnessed the most vicious incident of sectarian

(religious) violence in its history.80 Christians lost their lives while another 150 were injured in

twin bombings perpetrated by suicide bombers (Uzbeks-alleged); a TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban

Pakistan) spokesperson said, “We didn’t carry out the church attack. However, we believe it’s

accordingto the Sharia,” (

were-foreigners-says-dna-report/).Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, millions of people,

who amongst themselves shared different religious beliefs, dwelt peacefully in their cities while

(not only upholding ...view middle of the document...

Slavoj Zizek wrote a

wonderful essay, titled “If there is a God, then anything is permitted”, that refuted this

assertion. In his essay, Zizek wrote, “Most people today are spontaneously moral: the idea of

torturing or killing another human being is deeply traumatic for them. So, in order to make

them do it, a larger "sacred" Cause is needed, something that makes petty individual concerns

about killing seem trivial.Religion or ethnic belonging fit this role perfectly.” This goes exactly

against what Dostoevsky preaches, yet it is as true and irrefutable as is daylight or is something

whose existence is most clearly manifested to us. The moral ramifications of killing a human

being are so atrocious that in order to for fend the damnation of a human soul to an abyss of

guilt, doubt and denigration, a worthy cause is conjured up under the banner of Religion. Bear

in mind here that I do not digress. For who is God? Or what is God? Some people believe in a

single Deity, some people believe in two, and there are also others who believe in so many

Gods that it is difficult to count them all. So, what is God? Is it any supernatural being

worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the

personification of a force; the supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and

omniscient originator and ruler of the universe? I know (just) that for Him, we do what we do.

The banner of Religion shelters the army of God, and the army of God answers to no-one (but

God). Then, in God’s name we break God’s rules. Ironic, isn’t it?

From the very beginning, we have been legitimizing our unlawful attacks as crusades to bring

our foes to their knees. We do it in the name of God and or at-least, everything that is Godly.

It is in history that we saw the execution of people who revolutionized our thought and

expanded the horizons of learning. We saw the murder of Copernicus when he proposed a

heliocentric model, we saw that imprisonment and enslavement of an entire human race, and

we saw women being degraded and belittled, all in the name of God. Today, we live in a

world where everything fair has a chance to defend itself and present its case. We believe in a

doctrine of tolerance and allow people to have space to practice their beliefs as they see fit

(within the bounds of the law). Most of the countries in the world advocate this form of

secular sanctity. However, with the advent of modern freedom (one may call it liberalism), the

human social law has not broken, but instead it has been reinforced. People, today, are more

tolerant, murder is still a heinous crime, and the world has not turned into a nihilist’s playfield

yet this does not stop people from carrying out certain transgressions which violate the

freedom of another human being. It should be noted that the preservation/violation of the

sanctity of human life and its individual space is the only thing...

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