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If I Become The President Of Afghanistan

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If I become the president of Afghanistan

Security is the only phenomenon, which brings prosperity in a society. In a war-affected country like Afghanistan, without peace we cannot ensure economic growth, employment, education, and live a comfortable life. Afghanistan has a strategic geopolitical location in the region. Looking back to the history it is a country suffered decades of civil war that deteriorated every system of the government. Afghanistan is not lost but has been backward for many years. If I become the president of Afghanistan, I will strongly consider establishment of extended security, because it is the only solution for development in the country.
Maintaining security in the region like Afghanistan requires strategic security planning. In my administration, priority will be given to capacitate and train the national security forces. Furthermore, I will initiate a professional security force for patrolling the border areas o f Afghanistan and will invoke compulsory military service all over the country. Meanwhile, I will pay desperate attention on secret services and interior police forces. Obviously, without international support we cannot achieve our goals. Upon international consent, most of the donated fund will be spend on security solution.
Insecurity is the major barrier towards development and institutionalization of an effective system in Afghanistan. The current government is a good example; besides, having the international supports failed to survive Afghanistan. One’s security is maintained then I will enable to focus on reformation of other sectors. In my leadership, I will reform every single government institution and will give a chance for youth professionals to participate in government capacity building. I will initiate a government that protects the assets of people and businesses in Afghanistan.
Security ensures economy development in a country. Economically, Afghanistan has a significant strategic location for new businesses in prospective. The strategic location has a profound economic benefit for Afghanistan in transitions of oil, gas, and hydropower to India. Furthermore, it is the key link of energy route between energy rich-republics of central Asia and south Asia. For example, the natural gas transmission pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan and India is a large project. Besides gas usage, “The government would also earn transit fees from the export of gas and oil and...

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