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If I could have the opportunity to bring that one person the person I would bring would be Jaleeyah. Every guy has that one girl in high school or period that they didn’t approach, and Jaleeyah is that girl. She was so beautiful, and I don’t know why I didn’t approach her. I guess I felt I wasn’t good to be with her. I feel I let my insecurities get the best of me. Instead of pushing past them I let it get the best of me, which resulted in one of my biggest regrets in my life so far. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself because I saw her talking to another guy, but I often think I am making an excuse for myself by saying that. I know deep down I should have went after her, but then again ...view middle of the document...

Another reason I would bring her there so me and her could be alone and I could tell everything. From the moment I saw her to why I didn’t approach her when I had the opportunity. I would also ask her questions from what she thought when she first saw me to if she had feelings for me at all. I don’t know why I am so infatuated by this girl I mean I don’t get infatuated like that often. I guess it is because she was one of the only few really pretty girls that very down to earth. Other girls who as pretty as she was were a lot more arrogant, but she wasn’t like that. Jaleeyah was a lot like me. I would often make jokes that were totally new never having told her, and she would repeat the same jokes around. I would get the greatest de-ja-vu feeling. I think that is why I became so infatuated by her. To experience someone of the opposite sex who thinks like you but is so gorgeous continuously fascinates me. I guess in a way I admired her. I admired her confidence in herself or at least what she showed. I admired how beautiful and smart she was. Lastly I admired how she was just herself. I believe this one of the reasons that I like her so much. She had some of the attributes that I wanted. I just wish she could see me now. I wish she could see the person I am today, a young man who is more confident in himself and his abilities, and a young man who is handling his priorities and coming into his own. I wish I could see the woman she is turning into now. She probably more confident in herself, wiser, and has a bright future. If I was given the chance to take her to my special place I would cherish every minute I had with her.
If we met in that special place I believe the first word of our conversation would be “Hey TJ,” and then “How have you been.” Even before this project essay I would often go over in my head the conversations we would have if I met her again. I could imagine us talking about the classes we had together. I could see us talking about few funny moments we had. Also what would have happened if had been together and what the relationship be like, but what I know would say if I saw her again and after she greeted me is that I am sorry. I know she will ask what I am apologizing for. I would tell her that I am sorry for not approaching you, and not being man enough to go after you when I had the chance. Even if I explained it to her I know she wouldn’t understand what I would have meant. I know deep down that I am not fully apologizing to her that I am partly apologizing to myself. For not being perseverant enough and letting obstacles get in my way. I believe at that moment I would have made peace with myself and have forgiven myself for my mistake and mistakes I’ve made. Even though she still wouldn’t have understood what I...

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