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If I could go back in time and change a decision that I had made it would be the time I decided to change schools my senior year. This decision was made because I relocated with my parents to a place that was about an hour ride from my high school. My mother gave me the choose to either travel back and forth every day, or transfer out my senior year. I decided to transfer out because I knew that my mother would be worry about me traveling at that distance every day. And not only that, I also played sports so that consisted of me traveling home at different times of the night. Having made that decision I often see myself having regrets because I did not graduate with my class. Calvary Academy, which was the high school that I attended, was such a life searching experience for me. By this I mean, I came to have a relationship with the Lord. I learned a lot about the person that I am today. This high school, the students, as well as the teachers made such an impact on my life that by me having to have the decision to leave all that to make my mother not worry was really hard. But I decided to think about my mother first, then myself. I find myself thinking about how would, it ave been if I never transferred? Would my life be more interesting? Would I have still been playing sports because of my coaches and teammates positive influence? Would I have had a scholarship to a four-year university? All...

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1261 words - 6 pages say 'pop' instead of 'soda', or to a period of time-- kids in the 1990's said 'coolio', which would most likely be frowned upon today. Butler refrains from using trendy slang words, which I infer as her way of accomodating the change within the language. Wallace, however, makes references such as, "from personal experience, I can assure you that any kid like this is going to be at best marginalized and at worst savagely and repeatedly Wedgied

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730 words - 3 pages that the living standards are maintained and doesn't ever go down. It is always at the highest. And no one is poor.I would also go on T..V to encourage the youth to do sports. And if they want to be good in sports like myself they have to play it. Practice makes perfect. This would lead to a world with many fit people.What a world this would be. I just hope I could go back in time.I got all my info from my head. It is all a made up thing.

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558 words - 2 pages that we don't really need. Thomas Edison invented that light bulb. Some people most preeminent it's finest thing ever I however think it's terrible. You have to buy new light bulbs and change them almost every six months. Just think of how much time and money you have to spend on a light bulb then, multiply that by the number of light fixtures in your house. Thomas Edison may have invented light bulbs but it is said that the ones that are

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"The Second Amendment" i knoe there are some spelling that need to be fix so if you change those and look up a lil more it should work

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682 words - 3 pages feeling knowing he could save us all, or was it a sad feeling knowing of his horrible death.I would also want to know, when did he know he was the son of God. Was this something he knew from birth, or was there a time when it became known to him? If God, his father spoke to him, how did he know it was real. When did he realize his abilities. He had the ability to heal the sick and perform miracles. These are amazing things. Being God, in a human form

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696 words - 3 pages ;ộ:XOH + HY = XY + H2OTại điểm tương đương [H+] = [OH-], pH=7Tại bất kì thời điểm nào của quá trình chuẩn độ ta đều có thể áp dụng phương trình định luật bảo toàn proton( ở đây trùng với phương tr

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1185 words - 5 pages If we could experience time travel and visit the ancient civilizations and empires that conveyed their spiritual, social and religious beliefs through body piercing, several people would think they are not as appealing as pop-star Brittney Spears' 'cute' little pierced navel. Yet we wouldn't have to travel in time to experience and explore different cultures and their piercing practices. All that is needed is to hop on a plane and fly to Africa

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1836 words - 7 pages a instructive advice. I feel the poem repeats its message too many times but this helps to put the point of the poem across more strongly for people to underrstand what it is about. I think both poems put the point of time and change across strongly in their own, unique way and it helps people to understand what the actual subject matter means and is trying to demonstrate. The poems are written well and both discuss how ageing affects

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