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If I Could Turn Back The Clock

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I was at the medical centre on Friday for my monthly check-up. After three long years, I’m finally expecting another baby. It has been a long wait. Every month, my hopes were raised as high as a tsunami wave, but each time they crashed down on me, thirty-six times in all. I felt as if God was punishing me but I wished that He would punish me more severely in another way. One thousand days passed before a little seed grew inside me.A lady with a big belly came in after me. She took a clear plastic bottle for the urine test from the receptionist, and then waddled to the toilet with a little boy of about three years clutching at her dress. The boy’s apple-like cheeks were smudged with chocolate and one hand was still holding on to a half-eaten bar with its wrapper all crinkled at the bottom. He smiled at me as he walked past. I winked at him. He winked back, closing both eyes instead of one.You liked to wink at me too, Jimmy dear, with both eyes closed. When you wanted something sweet from the fridge, you would open the fridge door and wink at me. With dimples flashing and eyes shining like diamonds, you looked so angelic. Without fail I would give in to your demands. Just one chocolate or a jelly was enough to have you jumping up and down excitedly.When you wanted to get my attention, you would repeatedly say, “Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum…” even after I had answered you, “Yes, yes, yes, yes…”Each night after daddy and I picked you up from Grandma’s house, we would go home, and you would mutter “Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum,” as you dragged me to your play corner and bring out your box of Lego or ABC books.“Wait dear,” I would say. “Let mummy fold the clothes first, okay? Then I’ll play with you.”I would go back to my chores while you played alone, making your favorite gun with Lego blocks. A little later, having made your gun, you would tug at my hand again.“Mum, Mum, come play with me.” I would take the gun and pretend to shoot you with a “Bang! Bang!” You would squeal in delight, take back your gun and shoot me. I would sprawl over the laundry basket filled with folded clothes. Then in a jiffy, I would get up and lead you to your corner. I would sit you down with your racing cars.“Here, play with your cars now.” I would shove one off in a crooked course. “Mummy will put away the clothes first, alright?” I would trudge to the bedroom to put away the clothes and pick up the broom to sweep the floor. Before long, you would pitter-patter to me with a racing car in your hand.“Oh,...

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