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"If I..." Poem Of Love And Death (Its Like A Life Story, Starting From Teenage Love To Elderly Love)

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If I met you in the street, would you smile?If I met you in a club, would you ask me to dance?If met you in a restaurant, would you ask me to leave with you?If I held your hand in the street, would you turn away?If I kissed you in the park, ...view middle of the document...

you, would you walk through it?If I said, "I do", would you?If I carried your child, would you still love me?If I had our child, would you hold my hand?If I said, "I love you", would you say it back?If I cried, would you hear?If when they closed your coffin, and I said goodbye, would you do the same?If I prayed at night for you, would you respond?If I died, would you be waiting for me?If I lived, would you be looking down at me?If I told our children the story of how we met, would you smile?If I asked you to bring me back to our teenage years of holding hands in the street and kissing in the park, would you?If I bid the world goodbye, would we be together once more?

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