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If I Was Invisible For A Day

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If I could be invincible for one day I would make the best out of it. twenty-four hours would not be enough for the thingsI would like to do. There is just so much you can do included in that are things perhaps you shouldn't do, but being invincible who would know besides yourself right? Being able to do the unthinkable just might be satisfying. Free air plane rides to where ever your heart desires. I've always wondered what my husband really did when he would "go for a
drive". Maybe I would even just dwell in the presence of my mother all day just to get a closer look at her when she is
all alone to see her true actions.

I've never been on an air plane, nor have I ever really traveled outside of Pennsylvania. Well I have shopped in
New Jersey, and I also ate New York's big slice of pizza. I've also went to Maryland to eat the best crabs ever. All done
at a young age where my memories are a blur, and I remember only through stories told by my family. I would love to go to
Puerto Rico, and see the beautiful clear blue water that I've only been able to see in pictures. Even though I would be invincible being able to see my heritage and know where my roots come from would be an amazing experience. Time would not
be wasted, although visiting family and getting to know family I've never gotten the chance to meet would be great. The
best part of being invincible is not being known that you are around, therefore, no small talk is needed and I would be
competent to fly free to where ever else I wanted to go.

My husband would always tell me that he would "be back, going for a drive" I always would wonder where he would
go. Never have I asked him because it's his time away and I wouldn't want him to think it's not ok. I would deliberate
things he could be doing, and that includes exactly what he would say going for a drive. I've thought about him going to a
park just to clear his mind, or maybe getting a bite to eat. I wouldn't be shocked if he would go some place he shouldn't...

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