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If I Was President, What Would I Change?

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Why do we need stamps to mail a letter? Wouldn't our time buying and putting stamps on envelopes be better spent reading or sleeping? Just imagine a life without any of that. In your whole life you probably spend hundreds of dollars on stamps alone. There are too many everyday tasks that prove to be hassles. As president I would put an end to all everyday hassles by forcing companies to make things easier, more efficient, and stop making things that we don't really need. Thomas Edison invented that light bulb. Some people most preeminent it's finest thing ever I however think it's terrible. You have to buy new light bulbs and change them almost every six months. Just think of how much time and money you have to spend on a light bulb then, multiply that by the number of light fixtures in your house. Thomas Edison may have invented light bulbs but it is said that the ones that are in his house are still working from when he lived there. Imagine only having to buy light bulbs once in your whole life. It could be possible. The light bulb companies however have the patents for these and will not make them. The next thing I would change is I would make all clothing companies stop making animal print clothing. Pants and t-shirts with zebra print doesn't make me want to buy more things at that store. I have almost completely stopped shopping at Gap because of this. The leopard print...

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