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If I Were A President Essay

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Jhon Rolyn C. MandalaIV- AB PhilosophyIf I were a presidentToday, we live in a world of great changes bring us closer to an unpredictable future. In this context, a crucial factor models for the survival of nations is the economy and it is precisely here where the largest anomalies are occurring in human history. Everyday talk is already concern about the phenomena that threaten not only our own future but that of all the families and the country itself. But the question is, who is to blame for these anomalies?There are two kinds of leaders. Some are born to be leaders while others are made. There are certain individuals with certain traits and abilities to lead other people. These characteristics are given to them from the day they were born. As to say, their special gift of leadership is innate to them and rendered to them. From the beginning of their childhood, they possess the skills of a natural-born leader which gives them a heads-up for the future if they should be given the chance to have dominance and responsibility over people. On the other hand, there are individuals who are made to be leaders. At first they show no sign of any leadership skills, but in time, they manage to grasp and develop these skills. Through adapting to different kinds of lives and environment, they use these experiences for their own advantage on how to be with the people, to live with them, to see how they think, and feel how they understand. These kind of leaders conform to the environment around them in-order to achieve these traits that they would need in the future, if given the chance.If I were given this chance to become a leader, like to be the president of the Philippines, I would do my best in giving the people a better and bright future ahead for them. I believe that in the Philippines, which is an agricultural-base country, the people are willing to give their time, effort, and dedication if given them balanced terms for the toil they produce for the sake of the country. In the agricultural sectors of society, I would give emphasis to the people who are in-need especially those who toil the land and also who fish the vast oceans, seas, and rivers. To the farmers, a piece of land where they would plant, toil, and harvest bountiful crops that would be contributed to society whether it be for food, business, and economic purposes. Not only would I give them a piece of land where they could farm but also a piece of their harvested bounty. The government would provide assistance if they would need them especially regarding the maintenance of the crops, most especially in times of crisis and disasters. For the fishermen, the government would provide for them the necessary tools such as the boat and also the nets. Like of the farmers, their bountiful catch would not entirely go to the economy but also a part of the catch would be used for their own...

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