If I Were George Bush Essay

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If I Was George Bush

     If I was George Bush I would follow the exact same path he is following right

now. His plans for our countries Education and Health Care plan live up to their

promises. These plans also benefit the country greatly as a whole. Yet, if I was President

Bush, I would make the positive effects of these plans to prove themselves more

immediate than they have been. This would urge America to follow my, or Bush’s, plans

to make America a better place.     

The Education Plan the Bush has produced is almost perfect. It contains six key

points that I totally agree with. The first part of the plan says that American will provide

state grants to recruit and train teachers. The second part of the plan being that America

will be recruiting high quality Individuals to become teachers. The third part says that

America will be expanding programs to train teachers in specific subject areas. The

fourth part suggests that America will implement the Teachers Protection Act. The fifth

part says that a new teacher’s tax deduction will be implemented. Lastly, the sixth part of

the plan says that America will be providing expanded student loan forgiveness for

teachers. All of these goals lead to one key plan. This plan is to put a quality teacher in

every room. If this feat can be accomplished, I would follow the exact same plan Bush is

following right now. Bush basically has this plan covered; even down to making

teaching a more beneficial job. The Teachers Protection Act ensures that teachers,

principals, and other school officials are able to take reasonable steps to maintain order

and discipline in the classroom without the fear of unnecessary litigation. This has

always been a problem in public schools. Along with this is the teachers tax deduction.

This proposes a Teacher Tax Deduction on up to $400 of qualified education expenses.

This tax deduction will provide $577 million in tax relief to teachers over the next five


     Bush realizes that every child in America deserves a quality teacher, and I do...

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