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"If I Were In": The Walking Drum By Louis L'amour

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Ibn-Tuwais, a man who let Kerbouchard and me stay at his house in Cordoba, watched Kerbouchard and his friend, Aziza, walk down the dark, narrow stairs. Kerbouchard felt he had to move on to continue his quest for his missing father, and I had made the decision to reside in Cordoba to study. Aziza left Cordoba to escape Ibn-Haram, a very dangerous man. Ibn-Haram had taken Aziza captive, not wanting her to marry William of Sicily. If the marriage were to occur, it would unite a powerful family of Cordoba to an equally powerful family of Sicily and ruin Ibn-Haram's plans of taking power with Aziza by his side.I decided to distract my mind from the loss of Kerbouchard, my friend, shipmate, and teammate in battle, by going to my favorite coffee house and catch up on the latest world news with the many people I am acquainted with in this incredible city. When Kerbouchard and I first came to Cordoba we were stunned by all of the marvelous things it had to offer. Although I have visited many of the public libraries here, I still have not been to all seventy. The streets of Cordoba are filled with people from every race and color, making it an extraordinarily diverse city. As one road ends another starts, each filled with entertaining events and vibrant lighting. The buildings are beautiful, their marble walls sparkling in the sun. Cordoba also has the most elegant parks I have ever seen, with beautiful flowers, fountains, and trees all over, making it a relaxing place to come and read books written in Arabic, a language I'm learning to master.I had been living off the gold Kerbouchard and I had collected from the selling of the galley we cleverly seized in Cadiz. Kerbouchard and I took over the ship on which we had been held as slaves and sold it and the shipmates to a wealthy man. Kerbouchard and I had given our fellow slaves each a hefty amount of gold and split the remainder between the two of us. I had been living freely, carelessly spending money on clothes, books, and all sorts of scrumptious food. But now the time came when I needed to get more currency to be able to continue living in these comfortable surroundings. While attempting to find work, I thought about all of the adventures Kerbouchard and I had been through together and realized that many people here with less traveling experience would love to hear about our courageous voyages. On the corner of a busy street I set up an area for my storytelling. At first few people stopped by to listen to my tales, sometimes handing me food as a gesture of kindness. As days went by I realized that the same people kept coming back, and new listeners seemed to appear as well. Many people enjoyed hearing the stories of my adventures to lands they had only imagined in their dreams. I was surprised to discover how odd it is to have been brought up in Brittany and then to travel to Spain. The people in the village I grew up in were farmers or sailors and even the sailors had never traveled the great...

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