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"If Looks Could Kill": Plastic Surgery Paper.

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These days plastic surgery is everywhere. From 2002-2003 there was a 12 percent increase in plastic surgery procedures. The top five procedures of 2003 were:Liposuction (up 3% from 02')Breast Augmentation (up 12%)Eyelid Correction Surgery (up 17%)Rhinoplasty (up 10%)Breast Reduction (up 17%)There are many of different types of plastic surgery and outcomes. Some of the most popular types are facelift, liposuction, breast enhancement, reconstruction, dermabrasion, eyelid correction, nose correction, chin correction, cheekbone correction, ear correction, breast reduction, breast lift, tummy tuck, buttock enhancement, body contouring, arm correction hair loss prevention, and hair transplants.As with any type of surgical procedure, there are plastic surgery risks that are associated with plastic surgery procedures. Plastic surgery risks are very small when a Board certified plastic surgeon performs them. Even with the highest level of expertise and care, every surgery carries risks and benefits that a patient should discuss thoroughly with their chosen surgeon prior to the procedure.Plastic surgery risks often have to do with the patient's health and emotional well being. If a person is not physically healthy or has a history of illness that might increase plastic surgery risks, they should be advised against having plastic surgery. Certain types of drugs and supplements may also increase plastic surgery risks so it is important that these issues be discussed prior to surgery. Smoking and alcohol consumption can also increase plastic surgery risks and should be stopped before surgery as recommended by a plastic surgeon. Smoking can lengthen the time it takes for a patient to recover from surgery and may make scarring worse.Plastic surgery risks can be increased for patients who are undergoing multiple procedures at the same time. This is due to the fact that a patient is under general anesthetic for longer periods of time and there is more trauma associated with multiple procedures. Increased operating time can increase the plastic surgery risks of developing blood clots and other serious complications.Plastic surgery risks also involve complications in the outcome of the surgery. In some cases surgical errors can result in subsequent problems in plastic surgery results. Plastic surgery risks can include asymmetries in the surgical area, irregularities, dimples, puckers, and divots. Other more serious plastic surgery risks are long term or permanent loss of sensation, or tingling in the affected area caused by nerve damage. Seroma development can also occur as fluid collects under the skin after some types of surgical procedures. Skin death can also occur if infection or bleeding plastic surgery risks occur after the procedure is complete.Overall, plastic surgery risks are relatively small. The risk of serious complications is less than half of one...

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