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If M. L. King Jr Came Back, What Would He Think

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Luther King jr. could see the future as it is now, what would he say? Martin Luther King jr. would come back to be betrayled I would like Martin Luther King jr. to come back from the dead. Just to take a tour of the city and to see how it is. If Martin and hurt. Why? All that he strived for and worked hard for, not to foget what he beleive in. Would not show. There is constant black on black violence.More bad in this would than good. Also a very poor learning in some of the school systems.I would want Martin Luther King jr. to come back just for one day. To show him all of this.Martin Luther King jr. would come back to see that there is lots of world crime. To show this to him ,I would first take him around my neighborhood. The ghetto,where there is proverty and drug dealers on every corner. Also abandoned houses were crackheads live at. This would be a crime because the drug dealers are giving this drug to people. Then they just smoke enough and have a over dose and die.I would take Martin Luther King jr to my house to wacth the news. He would see that there is a war going on about terrorism. Would he be hurt or devistated? I would not know.Next I would take him to a three schools. A elementry school, a middle school, and a high school. I would prefer the public schools. I would take him to visit these schools to show him how the students records change and get worse as they get older . I would also want him to meet the children and show him how each group may react to seeing him . He would visit a elementry school...

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