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If Only They Knew Essay

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Picking the correct studying habit can make all the difference between being very successful on a test or failing. In order for a studying technique to prove itself as being effective, it must consistently demonstrate an increase in the grades of those that studied in such a manner. For instance, if one were to only reread the material and highlight what they believe to be the key points and they later failed the exam, then the studying technique did not do much to help them retain the information they needed in order to prove itself effective. When trying to pick a studying habit to use, there should also be a logical explanation as to how or why the practice is useful in allowing the brain to obtain the appropriate information. Through scientific research, it is proven that techniques such as practice testing and distributed learning help improve the scores of students as opposed to the most popular forms of studying like rereading and highlighting.
Overall, researchers have come to the conclusion that practice testing and distributed learning received the highest effectiveness rating ("Which study strategies make the grade? Popular strategies found ineffective"). Practice testing is useful in the sense that it prepares you for possible questions or scenarios that may be on the test in order to prevent one from stressing out about a question they may have never seen before. If one were to transform the questions from the end of each chapter into flashcards and repeatedly go over them then they would also retain the needed information much faster ("Which study strategies make the grade? Popular strategies found ineffective"). Repetition is a key aspect to learning because it helps move information from the short to memory into the storage systems of the long term memory. Information is not truly learned until it can easily be retrieved when the question is thought about. It is also proven useful to take breaks in between learning because it allows the new, acquired information to set in as opposed to it being wiped from one’s mind a few seconds later due to the continual shoving of information into one’s brain. It is also not a bad idea to try and discuss what was learned before the break was taken in order to see if anything was obtained. Discussing what is learned is another way to repeat information in order to see what information was stored. If one can thoroughly discuss a concept in detail, then it is safe to assume that the information took the transition from the short term memory into the long term memory. Unfortunately, the study habits that are most popular amongst students, are the ones that prove to be the most ineffective.
Techniques that are most popular amongst students, like highlighting or underlining a textbook, are not only ineffective in helping you learn that information, but in some cases can actually hinder one’s studying ("The Surprising Facts on Studying Habits"). The most common techniques include: summarization,...

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