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I Wish To Study Internal Medicine In The Usa

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I Wish to Study Internal Medicine in the USA


Medicine appeals to me as a humanistic, challenging field that offers an opportunity to help people in the most vital aspect of their lives; their health.  Medicine has passionately appealed to me from my early childhood.  I come from a family of doctors. My father, who is my role model, taught me two important aspects in the field of medicine: To reduce suffering & do no harm to patients. With this strong foundation, as my basis and support, entrance into a rural medical school was out of fascination for the intricate human architecture and its functioning.  Being constantly in touch with the field of medicine through my father and other fellow doctors and through 6 years of medical school and rotations, I realized that Internal Medicine has evolved as mother of all branches.  That is what sparked my interest in pursing a career in Internal Medicine. 


The basic principal in the art of healing is, to investigate the etiology of a disease, to arrive at a proper diagnosis, to treat the condition appropriately, and more importantly attending to the emotional and psychological aspects of the patients illness. This gives me a great sense of joy and is simply the reason I chose the ever-challenging field of Internal Medicine as my profession.   Healing is a universal language.  Internal Medicine offers human interactions with the wide spectrum of patients of all age groups and socio-economic status.  It requires emphasis on continued care, preventive practices and complex problem solving skills. I believe that an Internist is influential in shaping family dynamics, whether in the case of illness or death or in achieving a healthy lifestyle for people.  I also value the emphasis Internal Medicine places on prevention, which is the cornerstone of cost effective health care. Internal Medicine is the perfect medium through which I can develop the necessary clinical skills and judgement.  I hope to specialize in Cardiology, and help in the fight against Coronary Artery Disease, which is the number one cause of death in the U.S.


My hospital volunteer work began while I was attending high school and continued well into my college career; this experience was an early indicator that a hospital environment was compatible with my needs as a place to learn.   My volunteer activities have included participation in vaccination awareness programs, family planning program, blood donation campaigns and malaria prevention program. In medical school, as one of the top rank student of class, faculty and peers recognized my leadership, academic achievements and potentials.  This recognition was based on my willingness to learn, hard work,...

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