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I Wish To Provide Students With A Thirst For Knowledge

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I Wish to Provide Students with a Thirst for Knowledge

The different philosophies on education are complex yet necessary for implementation of some type of educational structure in the classroom. The utilization of a variety of methods seems to be the most effective alternative to not only be an effective teacher, but also maintain an adherence to discipline and create an effective learning environment.

The idea of linear seating is too confining for the students and doesn’t allow for much freedom of movement either for the teacher or the students. Therefore, “pod” or “group” seating could be implemented. This arrangement would allow for more individualized attention. Group learning has its place in the classroom, but allowing individuals to grow and learn at their own pace is not without merit as well. Reference information, magazines, books, and colorful yet informative bulletin boards should fill the room. Information relevant to what we are studying and perhaps what the students think of a particular subject or idea would enhance the learning environment.

As the classroom facilitator, an effective approach to discipline would perhaps be to allow the students to expand and/or design their own disciplinary procedures. If they are allowed to prescribe the penalties they must pay for inappropriate behavior, they might be more likely to embrace these penalties rather than rebel against teacher/school policies.

The teacher should still be the center of instructional guidance, disseminating knowledge to the students. A teacher who takes it one step further, and becomes a facilitator rather than a dictator, however, allows the students to think for themselves, and design effective solutions and results (progressive). Effective facilitation reinforces in the students’ minds they are capable of creative, yet sound reasoning, which is of paramount importance in the realm of self-assurance. Far too many of our youth have been caught up in the games teachers play with them, and are destined to be clones of the teachers they have in class. They are not allowed to think for themselves, but are forced to regurgitate what their teacher says on tests/essays.


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