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If You Were Directing The Play "A View From A Bridge" What

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If you were directing the play "a view from a bridge" what
advice would you give to the actor playing Eddie about his character?
Use quotations and close reference to the text.

"A view from a bridge" is a play with five main characters. Eddie and
Beatrice are married whilst they adopt Catherine, who is Eddie's
niece. Marco and Rudolfo are their cousins who come to stay from
Sicily. They are both illegal immigrants. A situation in the play
occurs where Eddie becomes possessive of Catherine while Rudolfo plans
to marry her. From the director's point of view advice to the actor
playing the part of Eddie is complicated, but crucial. If I was the
director looking for an actor to play Eddie it would have to be a man
in his forties because that is most likely to be approximately the age
of a man who has a niece the age of seventeen. Eddie is a longshoreman
in the play and it would make sense if the actor was well built.

In the film we watched Eddie had no real muscle definition. Also the
play we watched Eddie seemed to sit in the same seat all the time.
This shows that the character of Eddie was perceived as lazy, I did
not think this was the case because of his active job. I would tell
the actor to be more dynamic, energetic and move about the stage more,
especially when he gets frustrated.

The play was set in the nineteen fifties so Eddie would be told by me
to dress appropriately. Eddie should wear old rugged clothes because
of the limited income provided by his job. This brings me to Catherine
who, in the film we watched was definitely overdressed and too clean
for the circumstances she lives in.

Another big aspect I would give advice to the actor about is his
relationships with other characters. In the play we watched it was
hard to comprehend the part where Eddie's innermost feelings for
Catherine were exposed. This was the scene where Eddie came home drunk
and found Rudolfo in Catherine's room. To make the scene more
believable Eddie should show more love for Catherine. He should do
this through body language. His facial expression should show over
concern and love for Catherine or he could stare gapingly at her body.
The play we watched the actors face was expressionless and all he did
was say his lines whilst sitting in a chair. That was not enough.
Although curiosity should be put across to the audience it shouldn't
be obvious what is to happen. This is because Eddie is a person who
bottles up his emotions a lot.

Eddie bottles up emotions a lot in the play. One example is his
possessiveness over Catherine and also the scene were Eddie screws up
a newspaper in frustration. He also develops a hate for Rudolfo, which
probably would not have existed if he didn't have emotions for
Catherine. A good example of Eddie's bottled up emotions coming out is
the scene where Eddie hits Rudolfo hard in the face whilst teaching
him boxing" Now watch out here I come, Danish! (He feints with his
left hand...

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