Should The Harris Superquarry Ga Ahead?

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Not bad A Thourough and thoughtful piece of workRural Economic DevelopmentSHOULD THE HARRIS SUPERQUARRYGO AHEAD ?Kenneth MercerBSc Rural Resources III16th December 1994CONTENTSTABLE OF FIGURES I1 SUMMARY 12 INTRODUCTION 1FIGURE 1 LOCATION OF THE SUPERQUARRY 23 THE ISSUES SURROUNDING THE DEBATE 33.1 History 33.2 The reasons for the selection of Lingerbay 43.3 The need for economic development 43.4 Other incentives 53.5 The environmental concerns 53.6 Making the quarry more palatable 64 CONCLUSIONS 64.1 The case for development 64.2 The case against development 64.3 The probable outcome 64.4 A suitable compromise 6REFERENCES 7TABLE OF FIGURESFIGURE 1 LOCATION OF THE SUPERQUARRY 311 SUMMARYThere is considerable environmental opposition to the development of the Harrissuperquarry. This is unlikely to stop the development on its own, but if the ScottishOffice decides that the project can go ahead environmental restrictions are likely to beimposed on the operation to minimise, as far as possible, the impact. The reasons for thedevelopment centre round the need for economic development to bring jobs andprosperity to this remote area. The life of the quarry is expected to be around 60 yearsand provide an initial 30 jobs, rising to 80 as the quarry reaches peak production. Thequestion is if a superquarry is the best solution to the problems of a remote rural area.What will happen when the jobs come to an end and would another form of investmentnot be more appropriate to their needs? Would the presence of a quarry restrict thechoice for further development? Could an integrated approach be adopted and a 2ndgeneration quarry planned? The decision of whether or not to go ahead cannot bedelayed indefinitely as Norway and Spain are looking at developing their own. If it is togo ahead then an early start will give Harris a stronger position in the market.2 INTRODUCTIONThis report examines the controversy and key issues surrounding the superquarry atRodel, Lingerbay on the southern coast of the Isle of Harris (Figure 1) and attempts tofind an acceptable solution. The quarry will hollow out the heart of the mountain butleave enough of a shell to leave the skyline largely unaffected. The whole question ofwhether or not it should go ahead or not is the subject of the current public enquiry inStornaway. A decision must be made soon. The market for aggregates is limited,Norway and Spain (Section 3.1, 1991) have their own sites and are also looking at thepotential for developing them.FIGURE 1 LOCATION OF THE SUPERQUARRY(Glasgow Herald, 20/10/94)3 THE ISSUES SURROUNDING THE DEBATE3.1 History1927 A detailed geological survey identified the deposit of anorthosite.1965 Planning permission was given in principle to quarry the rock. The remitcovered a larger site than is planned today.1966 Some small scale quarrying took place but found an on site rock crushingplant and a deep harbour were necessary for economic viability.74-76 Outline planning permission was given for...

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