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If The Shoe Fits: A Comparative Analysis Of Cinderella And Pretty Woman

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Attention Getter. Fairy tales portray the idea that anything is possible for someone no matter the person or their social class. The fairy tale of Cinderella tells a story of a woman who has nothing in life, but, with help, finds a prince with whom she lives “happily ever after.” The fairy tale, however, fails to acknowledge that there is any love between the prince and Cinderella, a key aspect of a relationship. The movie Pretty Woman, directed by Garry Marshall, illustrates the Cinderella idea that a man knows what he wants in a woman, but also that he must be in love. In the movie, the main character Edward Lewis realizes that Vivian is a woman who fits his lifestyle and that he could be with, but in addition falls in love with Vivian and the woman that she is. This suggests that Garry Marshall was making the claim that, in addition to chemistry and compatibility, love must be a present factor in a meaningful relationship.
The movie Pretty Woman takes place in Los Angeles where one of the main characters, Edward Lewis, leaves a party he was attending, finding himself on Hollywood Boulevard having to stop for directions when he is approached by a prostitute. The prostitute, Vivian Ward, offers him directions to his hotel and ends up driving him there. About to go to into the hotel, Edward decides to hire Vivian for the night and invites her inside to his room. The next day Edward asks Vivian if he could hire her for the rest of the week to which Vivian replies that it will cost him. Edward hires Vivian as an “employee” for the entirety of the week for $3,000 dollars. Giving Vivian access to his credit cards, Edward tells Vivian to purchase some new clothes so that she can change out of her street clothes. Vivian is unsuccessful at purchasing clothes on Rodeo Drive due to her appearance and, upon her return to the hotel, is approached by the manager, Barney Thompson, who contacts another store to help her buy some new clothes. Vivian accompanies Edward to his business meeting where she almost has some luck at appearing classy. Upon discovering the troubles Vivian had with shopping, Edward goes with Vivian to a boutique on Rodeo Drive where he ensures that Vivian be treated well and is able to purchase clothes. Edward brings Vivian to a polo match the next day where he reveals to his lawyer, Philip Stuckey, that Vivian is a prostitute. This upsets Vivian, causing her to almost leave Edward’s penthouse, but Edward convinces her to stay. The next day Edward takes Vivian to an opera in San Francisco, where afterwards, it becomes apparent that Edward and Vivian are developing feelings for one another. The next morning Edward offers to provide a condo and money for Vivian so that they could continue to see each other; however, this is insulting to Vivian. Edward attends a meeting at work where he decides not to buy out a company that he has been trying to acquire for some time, but rather to help them. This infuriates Philip Stuckey who goes to...

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