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Should The Trial Of Saddam Hussein Be Left To An Iraqi Tribunal

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On December 14, 2003, an unshaven and dirty Saddam Hussein was dragged out of an underground "spider hole", near the Iraqi city of Tikrit. The capture by United Sates armed forces was soon confirmed in a press conference which opened with the U.S. civil administrator in Iraq, Paul Bramar, elegantly announcing, "ladies and gentlemen... we got him". Bramar concluded the speech by stating that Saddam Hussein is commended for his cooperation and that he will be tried in front of court of law, however details are still unknown. Six months later on July 1, 2004, the first hearing took place under an Iraqu tribunal.Saddam Hussein, who was born on April 28, 1937 was the president of the republic of Iraq from 1979 until April 9, 2003. The dictator is currently charged with numerable crimes against humanity including gassing of up to 100,000 Iraqi curds, and several war crimes such as employing the use of chemical weapons. These actions however are only considered true crimes when declared so by the Americans. It can be argued that Hussein's actions can be justified by his necessity to commit them, and even that they are comparable to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. It is nonetheless, popular belief that these were indeed punishable crimes, and that the culprit must be brought to justice. The debate that has recently arisen however concerns the question of who should try Saddam and how it should be done. George .W. Bush has reached the conclusion that because the dictators committed these crimes against the Iraqi people, it is they who should decide Saddam's fate. Those who oppose this idea on the other hand criticize that Iraq does not currently posses the stability to successfully carry this out and that an international court should be erected instead. This debate will be discussed in the following paragraphs and although it is impossible to accurately judge the trials before they are over, an answer will be given to the question, was the court of law a fitting way to deal with Saddam Hussein, and can the trial be left to an Iraqi court.Saddam Hussein as a criminal is a very different persona from Saddam Hussein as a leader or a dictator. Hussein the criminal can be charged with fraud, harboring of criminals and multiple accounts of murder, and torture. Hussein the dictator and president on the other hand can be charged with crimes against humanity, war crimes, and mass murder to the extent of genocide. The dilemma that has presented itself however is that Hussein in the process of being tried as the cruel and heartless tyrant who has induced a great deal suffering on the Iraqi population throughout his 30 year rule. There is currently however no process that has been directly tailored to take into account the horrors of a genocide and then additionally place the on a single man. This is a predicament similar to that which was encountered in the years following the holocaust. The dispute over how to deal with the individuals who aided the force which...

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