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If William Shakespeare's "King Lear" Is A Bleak Nihilistic Play Or A Hopeful One. This Is A Very Informative Well Written Essay.

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King Lear: Is Lear a bleak, nihilistic play, or a hopeful one?The play King Lear can easily be portrayed as one that is bleak, and nihilistic but this in not the case. Many people interpret the play to be about the wrongful acts of others and the effects that they cause. That is not the case. The truth is that the play King Lear is quite opposite of this and is actually about the loyalty, nobility and helpful acts by others in order to give hope. This is the plays primary message. Although the play King Lear seems like a bleak nihilistic play it is actually one that can teach us about hope and loyalty.Throughout the play Lear's dominant trait is that he is metaphorically blind. Lear is also very materialistic, and even though he is old, he is not wise. Lear's stupidity causes him to publicly humiliate two of his most loyal people. Cordelia and Kent are both publicly humiliated, and banished from Lear's kingdom. Cordelia is Lear's youngest and noblest daughter and the most saint like character in the play. Cordelia always acts with kindness, and even though her father horribly mistreats her she still remains loyal to her him, and even comes back to defend him with her husband, France. Kent was once Lear's noble servant but after he argues that Lear had made an error by banishing Cordelia, Lear gets enraged and banishes Kent as well. After the king's overreaction, Kent isdriven out of the kingdom. Although it would be normal for Kent to react in a furious rage against the king, he decides to help Lear. In order to stay with the king, Kent disguises himself as a peasant showing how loyal and willing he is to help. Both Cordelia and Kent remain loyal and even risk their lives for Lear even though it would have been easier to watch Lear wither away through his own misfortunes.Furthermore as the play continues, Gloucester is betrayed by his bastard son Edmund. Because of this Gloucester faces some serious consequences of being tortured by Regan and Cornwall. Gloucester gets tortured for helping Lear, and having knowledge of the French invasion...

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