If You Can’t Stand The Heat Stay Out Of The Kitchen

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I chose to be a chef because cooking is something I love to do. When I’m cooking I feel so free. Another reason why I chose to be a chef is because a lot of my family members are great cooks. My dad is my role model in the kitchen because whatever he know about cooking he teaches me. A lot of what he learned came from my grandma who happens to be 92 years old. When I cook I like being creative I like making dishes that everyone can’t make. I love cooking exotic dishes that make people wonder what I put in my dish to make it so magnificent. As a chef in training I feel the need to learn as much as I can. The more you know the better you’ll be at what you do in life.

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The skills needed to become a chef include you using your five senses, mostly taste and smell. Memory is another you will need as you are cooking as it is not easy to remember all the ingredients and quantities required to prepare a meal.

There are many different types of chefs so the descriptions vary in what chef you are. Prep cook are at the bottom of the totem pole. All they do is get food ready for other chefs, for instance chop vegetable and clean meat. Sous chef is the head chef’s assistance they play a vital role by making sure that planning and directing food preparation in a kitchen is done properly. Head Chef/Executive Chef leader of the kitchen workers makes sure the kitchen runs functionally. This position is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the kitchen, including day-to-day food preparation and menu creation. Head chefs generally have a minimum of one to five years of kitchen experience, and many have graduated from culinary school.

The restaurant industry is thriving. Employment of chefs is projected to grow dramatically over the years. As one of the largest private-sector employers, the cooking industry employs 13 million people, in both front-of-the-house and kitchen positions, according to the National Restaurant Association (NRA). The salary of Head Chef varies between the location, industry, company size and education. The annual salary ranges from $46,820 to $96,413/ $21.42 to 32.00 per hour. The cooking industry will continue to...

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