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If You Don't Like What I'm Saying, Don't Listen On Right Vs. Freedom

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The difference between a freedom and a right is that the former is considered to be so important that a law cannot restrict it; the latter is something that the law permits or allows. That being said, what are some of our right and freedoms? A right might be the right to wear the clothes you want or to smoke cigarettes. Some freedoms are our freedom to live, eat, religion, assembly and the freedom to say whatever's on your mind, including those things some might have a problem with. This essay will cover why it is a freedom, not a right, to say anything you want, including hateful things, more specifically racist views. Some supporting topics are: why you can't please everyone because ...view middle of the document...

There were people who believed that Toronto's garbage should remain in Toronto. When the dust settled and a solution decided the garbage would be going to the United States. When this was decided, a woman argued that the amount of trucks on the highway would cause damage to the roads. These are just few of examples proving that someone will always have a problem with whatever you or anyone else chooses or believes. Philosophers always debate their views because no one view is the same for everyone. The only thing that is universal is math; everything else is up for argument, from the creation of the world to death.If I dislike a culture or race, why should I not be able to say what I think? I'm not forcing anybody to listen to what I'm saying or to join my movement against them. All I'm doing when I speak is saying what's on my mind and why I believe I'm right. Lawyers do this all the time. They state their arguments then a judge or jury agrees or disagrees with their argument (Jacobs 34). The same goes for the different views on racism. A racist states his position and the same for an anti-racist, it is then the people, who have not taken a strong position on the issue who decide of which argument they are convinced. But forcing one side not to say what they feel, with laws, allows for brainwashing of the people and not allowing them to choose what they want. It's your freedom to choose what you believe (Jacobs 107).Some might also argue that a racist person is trying to brainwash another with their ideas. But, the idea of brainwashing means that there is no alternative idea being presented to the brainwashed. They are also forced to listen to the speaker and sometimes propaganda is presented. Yet, this is what anti-racists are doing when they try to pass laws against hateful literature and lectures. They try to silence the opposition. They would argue that it is right when they do it because they are right, and a racist is wrong so he/she can't do it. This is hypocrisy. It's the right to choose which makes you really free (Jacobs 80).I don't disagree that being racist and treating people differently because of something they can't change is wrong. However, if I can say that it is wrong to be racist, who am I to say that opponents to anti-racists cannot say what they want because I disagree (Jacobs 75). What am I saying about the strength of my argument if I'm trying to force someone not to say what he or she feels contrary to my argument? If you can talk about your feelings on an issue people who feel differently have the freedom to do the same, we are all equal (Jacobs 30).In addition, I'm not defending what racists are saying, but I am defending the fact that they are only saying. Nobody is being hurt by what I'm saying, maybe insulted, but I'm only saying what I believe is right. Someone being insulted is not reason enough for freedom to speech to be violated because my individual rights should come first (Jacobs 76). Two hundred years ago,...

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