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If You Are Struggling With An Unmotivated Child Then You Need A Better Way Today!

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If You are Struggling With an Unmotivated Child Then You Need A Better Way- Today!

Anyone who has ever raised children knows that parenting is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. It seems as though everyone has an opinion about how children should be disciplined and motivated, but very few of the people who are giving advice have ever actually raised children of their own. Moreover, it is more difficult to motivate your child now than ever before. There are more and more influences that pull children and teens further and further from the morals and values that their parents are trying to instill. From video games to MTV to fashion magazines, it seems as though everything in society today is trying to undermine parents and their values. Because of this, there are more unmotivated children and teenagers than ever before, and effective parenting has become increasingly difficult.

In addition, today’s families are more complicated than ever. With divorces, remarriages, and domestic partnership situations, many families have complex and varied relationships. In addition, many of today’s parents did not grow up with healthy families so they do not know how a healthy family looks or functions. All of these influences leave many parents wondering if they have any influence at all with their children or teenagers.

Fortunately, help is on the way! There are an increasing number of families and professionals who are determined to raise their families their way and are pushing back against the negative influences that attempt to discredit their parenting. Nigel Lane, the author of A Better Way: 101 Practical Ways to Motivate Your Child, is one such professional. He has spent his career working with young people and their families, as well as working with his wife to raise their own children. This hands-on parenting experience means that he has written A Better Way with the perspective of someone who has done the difficult and challenging work of parenting both children and teenagers as well as working with troubled or unmotivated children.

If you are looking for down to earth help in effectively parenting and encouraging unmotivated children, then A Better Way is just the tool that you have been searching for! This book is full of real life scenarios that will help you to motivate your child and revitalize your family life. For parents who feel like their family life has been taken over by disobedient and unmotivated children or sullen teenagers, this book will help you to gain control and get the joy back in your lives. If you have an unmotivated child who is struggling with ADHD or learning disabilities, A Better Way will help you to learn how to motivate your child to succeed. The practical tips outlined in A Better Way cover many of the basics of having a healthy and positive family life including:

- Positive ways to interact with your children

- How to avoid sibling rivalry

- Making your home a...

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