If You Selected One Of The Engineering Majors, Please Write A Brief Essay Telling Us What Has Led You To An Interest In This Field Of Study, What

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Being the first school to offer an engineering program in America speaks volume of Yale’s rich history.
Yale is the first school to offer an engineering program in the U.S.A and thus speaks volume of its rich history and comprehensive programs. By offering various programs and financial aid packages to deserving students, Yale has been instrumental at transforming the lives of many less fortunate all across the nations and especially those residing in Connecticut, thereby making a highly comprehensive degree program accessible to all. As an applicant coming from a developing nation where finances are imperative to making an engineering degree possible: Yale’s promised and true commitment ...view middle of the document...

This school have extend many programs and scholarships to students in the state of Connecticut because I believe, it has observed very extensively the social compunction of being poor and so have successfully transformed the live of many less fortunate students. Coming from a developing country I truly believe that Yale understands my circumstances and stays committed to giving anyone the opportunity of going to college irregarless of background and financial abilty.
Many students from have benefited from the kindness o

I am from Guyana with a population of approximately 800,000 and

For quite some time; I have continuously benefited from the empowerment and mentorship of many individuals and organizations. These continuous sources of mentorship have really influenced who I am today and where I want to go in the future. Therefore, from April, 2009 to present date, I became a peer educator so that I can administer this same level of empowerment to my peers and younger generation. Every opportunity that arose (whether at social workshops, television interviews or in daily conversations) I always encouraged my peers to make the right choices and uphold key mores of society. I inform them of the consequences of drug/substance abuse and their role as respected citizens of society. It was sometimes very demanding and tedious to balance my studies and Peer education, but I remained committed to both since I know that my time and dedication will someday help someone make life saving choices.

My deep desire to study Chemical Engineering at Yale transcends my personal benefits and ambitions. For me, the opportunity to attend Yale will literally become an opportunity for many other who might have similar desires. To answer the question – what about Yale’s Chemical Engineering program that appeals to me – I first need to review and analyzed the past of two countries with similar history and politics. In 1965 Singapore gained independence from Great Britain and by 1970 gained international sovereignty it was on this same year that Guyana gained its sovereignty and became a republic. Nevertheless while Singapore was showing yearly incremental economical growth in the western hemisphere is colonial cousin Guyana was experience steep raises in inflation and devaluation of its dollar. Therefore by 1990 Guyana became the second poorest country in the western hemisphere whilst Singapore a dominating power house in Southeast Asia. But during the latter of 1990 and onwards through 1992...

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