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If You Only Get One Chance, Cross Your Fingers And Hope That Your Emotions Make The Right Decision

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TOK Essay Spookers by Harrison Gosling If you only get one chance, cross your fingers and hope that your emotions make the right decisionWhen we visited Spookers on a school Theory of Knowledge trip we were given the knowledge issue "In expanding the field of knowledge | experts value reasoning above all other ways of knowing" So, what is an expert? An expert is a person who is very knowledgeable or skilful in a particular area, they understand their 'field of knowledge' and the right 'values' needed to successfully accomplish their goals. Likewise, what is Knowledge? Knowledge is the skills acquired through experience or education. The theoretical or practical understanding of a subject in depth. So by putting these two definitions together how can we know that experts value reasoning above all other ways of knowing and how can we know for sure that they are right? Even though they supposedly know exactly their field of knowledge. Well, that's for them to prove and me to find out. I will be using the areas of knowledge of the Human sciences and History and discussing these with how we use Emotions, Reasoning and Memory. I believe that in life we need both reasoning and emotions to thrive. We rely on one just as much as the other, even though we sometimes do not know that they are working on us, controlling us helping us to decide our every move. How big apart they play we will just have to find out.My first knowledge question is: To what extent do our emotions override and affect our abilities to reason?I believe that emotions have big effects on us and can influence our abilities to reason. We make decisions bases on our emotions, whether this be reflex or long term emotions. Sometimes emotions blind our reasoning, which can be good and bad. I think emotion, in many cases, precedes reasoning. We, as humans, get easily caught up in the moment… in our emotions.An example of this was in Spookers, where people were getting overly scared of entering the haunted house, forgetting that what was happening was not real. It was merely a trick of playing on our fears and making our emotions override our ability to reason with ourselves. We all knew that this was not real but yet some still got excessively scared and even at the beginning refused to go in. Another example is Love, this example shows how our emotions can cause us to be blinded by our fears and feelings and make us to irrational things, stopping our immediate and long term ability to reason.Can love actually blind us? Yes, this is because there are high levels of dopamine in our body at the time of being in love. This chemical stimulates 'desire and reward' by triggering an intense rush of pleasure. It has the same effect on the brain as taking cocaine! The low level of serotonin in the blood is similar to obsessive compulsive patients, these deep feelings cause the irrational decisions to be made without reason because of the chemicals reacting in your body. These type of emotions...

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