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If You Want Change You Start At The Top

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The word change has become a very comprehensive word in every aspect. That word could mean the progression of societies or the shift of mindsets, but when people talk about change in the United States it’s difficult to not spotlight the strife during the Civil Rights movement as one of the biggest changes the country encountered. So when a group or individual wants to modify a legal policy, it should be evident to concentrate the efforts toward the top with the legislative bodies. Legislative bodies provide the trickledown effect that is vital to the fortitude of a change in a legal policy. The reasons why change in a legal policy should be concentrated in the legislative bodies are; to get representation and to be alongside the frame that holds controlling power of most of America. Although this is the main concentrated entity when negotiating for a legal policy to be changed, it has many strengths in focusing their and it also has its weakness that can drag a movement down to stabilization.
When a group or an individual try’s to change a legal policy with limited resources, it is imperative to concentrate efforts in the legislative bodies to get representation and be with the controlling power in America. It doesn’t matter how little or how plentiful of resources a movement has, if the movement gains access to high representation within legislative bodies it will capture everything it needs for success. Having the representation of the legislative bodies allows for intervention of state governments to be combated with the federal power. With the Civil Rights Movement, A. Philip Randolph forced compromise with the federal government for his demands when proposed a mass march on Washington. When concentrating change efforts towards legislative bodies, the representation of the legislative body builds support. Support is built by the representatives backing the changes for political advancement. Every politician in the legislative bodies are looking to gain votes to stay in their power, so if they can back or shed light on a legal policy trying to be changed it provides a movement with the spotlight to gain majority rule, spark more growth within their respected movement to gain what they are trying to achieve, or even halt a controversy for the policy changing group. John F Kennedy does this when he is running against Richard Nixon when he arranged for Martin Luther King’s exit from jail after being arrested. After that action from Kennedy it gained him the win in the election and also he was put into light as an ally to the movement taking place that gained him crucial supporters. It gained the movement access to the commander in chief as well to have their back when trying to progress their change. When a movement has the controlling power of America as the main focus when trying to change a legal policy, it is vital to the staying power and progression of a movement. The legislative bodies overrule the state governments and courts when...

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