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"Of Mice and Men" is a novel by John Steinbeck, written in the 1930s, a period known as the Great Depression. The novel, which takes place in Salinas, California, is about two workers, George and Lennie. The two men travel together and work on different ranches, with a dream of one day having their own farm. Steinbeck explores the themes of loneliness friendship, and hopes and dreams through the various characters and events. This extract takes place after George and Lennie arrives to a new ranch to work. John Steinbeck uses foreshadowing to prepare the reader for future events. This is done by the use of repetition, symbols, and metaphors. In this extract, the author foreshadows the events to come through the introduction of Curley's wife and through the reaction of George and Lennie. This extract is significant to the rest of the novel as it introduces the main antagonist, Curley's wife, and also influences what the reader thinks and feels about Curley's wife, as well as the danger the character poses.

Steinbeck prepares the reader for the events to come through the introduction of Curley's wife to George and Lennie. The author introduces Curley's wife and describes a "rectangle of sunshine in the doorway" that was "cut off". "Sunshine" is commonly represented as hopes and dreams. Therefore between George and Lennie and their dreams, Curley's wife is blocking them. This metaphorically shows that she will block the dreams of George and Lennie. Also, when the author gives the description of Curley's wife, Steinbeck describes her who's "fingernails were red" and who wears "red mules" and "little bouquets of red ostrich feathers". The color "red", which is repeated in her description, usually signifies the color of blood, therefore symbolizes death and destruction. Therefore, this description by the author also shows the destruction of the dream of George and Lennie, as well as the death of Curley's wife.

The author foreshadows the trouble of which Curley's wife will cause through the reaction of George. After meeting Curley's wife, George responds and orders Lennie in a negative view of her. George responds, after Curley's wife went out of their sight, that he has "never seen no piece of jail bait worse than her". George, without hesitation, immediately metaphorically compares Curley's wife to a worst "jail bait" he has ever seen. Steinbeck creates an image of women as a figure who always gets men into trouble, as also shown in Weed, which was the reason why George an Lennie had to flee. When...

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