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I Generation: How We Have Evolved From Fire To Smartphones

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The human kind has moved forward into a tech savvy generation where most people are so in tuned with their devices because of the ever so famous technological boom of the 20th century. With smartphones, tablets and other devices, the growth of technology has steered and guided the changes of how humans communicate with another and how we are connecting, bonding and unifying in a whole new level both emotionally and physiologically. The brain creates a new neural pathway in result of us using technology such as the Internet and causes new associations and relations to be generated quicker and by different means. Latest research suggests that the human brain may interpret electronic interaction as same as it would be in person. Others can still tell the difference from interacting digitally and physically. This is a major fear due to the conceivable loss of people’s ability to contribute in physical and verbal communication even though there are still advantages in the new ways we interact. It is obvious that the way we socialize with each other are constantly shifting, and this is changing us. Unsurprisingly, technology is currently still developing at an alarming rate. These developments affect us both positively and negatively but the depth of these changes is still unknown.
Imagine a woman who just woke up, looking at the ceiling and waves her hands around and it display her daily schedule. She walks to her bathroom, looking at the daily news in the mirror while she gets ready for her day. After she is done and ready to go, she gets into her car and asked, yes asked, her car for directions to the nearest café. Arriving the coffee shop, she ordered her caramel latte and paid by scanning her phone over a sensor that acts like a credit card. Her phone rings and alerted her about the meeting that she is going to be almost late for. People are so in touch with their technology that they rely on it, constantly glancing over clear glass that is their touchscreens. This type of devices seems like the future, but the future is quickly approaching.
Human beings have been transforming at an alarming rate from the time of the cavemen to the time of the knights and kings and through the beginning of the enlightenment and industrial revolution. The evolution is evident by the new inventions and devices that enable people to live easier lives. For example, the creation of fire gave humans the ability to cook and receive an outer heat source. The inventor of the wheel paved the way for transportation, making it easier to move not just objects but people. However in today’s generation, we have arrived at a new era. This generation is called the iGeneration; we are in the technological era, where iPhones, Instagram and Twitter has the power. Technological advancement has been taking place on a rapid pace and shows no signs of slowing down. With the lightning stride of digital evolution, humans are in a position where they continuously need to be on high...

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