Ignorance Is Bliss Essay

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Killing an innocent life is the most inhumane act a person can commit and genocide is killing hundreds to millions of innocent lives, which makes genocide the worst crime a person can commit. Genocide is generally defined as the “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group” by the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide but has a much more elaborate definition in the document. Even though this definition is clear to some people, there still have been countless debates on defining certain mass murders by the state government as genocide, for example the Armenian Genocide during WWI and the famous European Holocaust during WWII. Both of these events occurred during the first half of the 20th century but they differ in many ways like motivations and ideologies, however they are both considered genocides show this shows how broad the definition of genocide can define certain events. This creates a huge capacity to try to interpret genocidal events with ones own opinions and During hard times of economic recession and political distress, people with strong ideals of nationalism thrive and become powerful. After World War 1, the Ottoman Empire became less powerful and they lost more and more territory as a result of Balkan revolts and Russian military advances, and the removal of Abdul-Hamid from the throne, the Turkish country sought other ways to become more powerful. The Armenian Massacres resulted from purposes of “political expansion, acquisition of land, confiscation of riches, elimination of economic competition, and the satisfaction of chauvinistic impulses of the revolutionary core of the dominant ethnic group” (Bauer). The Turkish people saw the advantage of getting rid of the Armenian population because there would be more space for the Turks and get economic stability for the country. For political stability, it would be easier for a country with a national race with same political values. In a similar situation, Germany was under political and economical turmoil because of their lost in the First World War and the following economic depression. The German people were in fear of the communists and political turmoil. Using nationalistic ideas to try to make the people have faith in their governments were similar in both the cause of the genocides. This similar nationalistic ideology incited within the populations an arrogant dream of “Turkey for Turks” and “Germany for Germans.” Even if both the European Holocaust and the Armenian genocides had close ideological starts, the way these ideas progressed differed drastically. The Armenian genocide was the product of two conflicting nationalistic ideologies. The Turks wanted more territory because of their loss from recent events and the Armenian population wanted to become a separate entity because of their previous clashes with the different people in the country (Melson 1). The Turks thought that if the Armenian population wanted...

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