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In our short time of learning to fly, we as the human race have progressed significantly from just observing the birds. We have progressed from being suspended from a balloon, to gliding, and finally flying a heavier than air craft. In just over nine years the renowned Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky not only designed, but built and flew a four engine aircraft from the time the Wilbur and Orville flew the Write Flier. Ivan Sikorsky was responsible for the development of the modern day helicopter, multi-engine aircraft and rigid hulled boat plane. The more we read into history his trials and attempts at flying were not always successful, nor was his way of life in the beginning easy by any means. With determination and a desire to learn from his misfortunes, Igor Sikorsky has written himself into the history books and the International Aerospace Hall of Fame and the Aviation Hall of Fame to name a few. Even to this day his sons are following in his footsteps and carrying on as the oldest helicopter manufacturer in the world.

Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky was born a humble little boy in a family of a well-educated couple. They were able to give him a good start on his education that would surpass any parent’s expectations or dreams. Once he left home and began studying on his own he was eventually influenced, on occasion, on trips with his father. Ultimately aviation would become his passion. Once war broke out his determination was once again tested and he continued in his pursuit of designing an aircraft that was lifted by a propeller and not the wings. Once in the U.S. and allowed to continue his dream of a practical helicopter he ended up with the R-4. This opened more doors only to lead him into several decorations and assisting in his induction into infamy. Toward the end of his life he was still advising the company that he helped build from scratch and had retired from. He had several well know quotes such as “"Two rotors are like two women in the kitchen; you might think they would do twice as much work, but the efficiency of each is lowered by 35 percent” (Sikorsky). From this day on he will forever be remembered for his dedication to aviation and his religious beliefs.
In the dawn of Igor Sikorsky’s life it was almost like any other young man. He was home schooled by his mother Mariya Stefanovna Sikorskaya (nee Temryuk-Cherkasova), a physician, in the Russian empire, Kiev, present day Ukraine. He was born May 25, 1889. His father Ivan Alexeevich Sikorsky had a Russian and Polish Noble family background and a professor of psychology at St. Vladimir University. It is believed that young Igor was heavily influence in the Author Jules Burns, which led to him building a rubber-band-powered helicopter as a boy along with the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci’s flying screw. This continued on well into his teens. In 1900, at the age of eleven, he accompanied his father to Germany and eventually became interested in natural sciences. In 1903 he was attending...

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