Il Capitano And Pantalone Masks In Commedia Dell' Arte

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Il Capitano (The Captain):Il Capitano is a caricature of a professional soldier – bold, swaggering and cowardly. He is usually portrayed as a Spanish man who makes up a long, important-sounding name. He rags about his victories (all made up), but at the first sign of danger, Il Capitano will throw his head back and scream or run away. Il Capitano is also a womaniser, although his fear of commitment prevents him from getting “hooked up”. He usually wears an ornate military uniform, a wide plumed hat, large boots, 17th-century tight-fitting clothes and a long sword by his belt. Il Capitano is always a foreigner – giving him the opportunity to pretend he has much higher status than he really does. His mask is flesh-coloured, has a large nose and a big moustache.One modern example of Il Capitano is Puss In Boots from the movie “Shrek 2”. This small cat has a large reputation as an ogre-slayer, one who “does not like to be disturbed”, and certainly enjoys the company of ladies. “Fear me… if you dare.” When Puss threatens Shrek, he puts on his most fearless voice and challenges him to a battle. Once he realises Shrek is not about to run away in terror, Puss turns into a coward and pleads for mercy. Puss is similar to Il Capitano in that he brags about past slays and threatens death, but when confronted with a fight, all courage and bravery is lost. Puss has a heavy Spanish accent, wears Il Capitano’s wide plumed hat and of course, has large boots, also worn by the Captain.Pantalone:Pantalone has the highest status. He is an extremely wealthy Venetian merchant –...

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