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Ill Fated Love In Verona Essay

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Young love in Verona has been what could be called the talk of the town for hundreds of years. This young love is the very basis for the play Romeo and Juliet. In this play young love faces many troubles that may seem like fate has caused. Between the two families raises a fiery feud that can only be quenched by the dousing love of Romeo and Juliet. Although in the end the dousing love must come after the horrible deaths that come between the two families.
The first way that opposed the love of Romeo and Juliet was fate acting against love. Fate continued persistently to stop the union of the two lovers through deaths and tricks. The first trick that cruel fate plays on this union between these two love birds, that is also the start of all of the other problems, is the fact that their two families hate each other. When these two star-crossed lovers meet they do not know until later that night that they have just stumbled into the middle of their family feud. This causes Romeo and Juliet to need to keep their love a secret until perhaps one day when the feud is over, and their true love can be shown to the world. This secret that they are forced to hide leads to the many other tricks and deaths that will be played on the couple.
The second trick that fate plays on the lovers is when the Friar Lawrence gets involved in the wild love roller coaster between the two characters. He is approached by the couple and is asked to marry them. He of course reacts like anyone else has when he hears that they had only just met. He says, “Holy Saint Francis! What a change is here?” when he hears this news (2. 3. 70-71). He then proceeds on about this idea of theirs being rushed and that they should take their time. As he is saying this an idea hits him. He will join the two young love birds in hopes of bringing their two families together. He feels that their marriage will show the families how childish they are being if even their children can see past their differences. This marriage in fact because it is so rushed plays as an obstacle when it comes to Juliet’s Uncle Tybalt getting involved.
Tybalt getting involved in the drama between the two families does not go well for the couple. With the entry of Tybalt it seems as though fate has just thrown a mad cat into a basket of mice. Mercutio is is the first person really affected by the wrath of Tybalt. Tybalt is a very hot headed person, who does not like the Montagues. He often is not very good at controlling his rage and tends to express it harshly. Romeo and Mercutio are walking down the street when they encounter Tybalt. Romeo has just been wed to Juliet so he is now, unknown to Tybalt, related to the Monatgues. Tybalt then challenges Romeo to a duel which Romeo refuses. This only angers the short fused Montague even further. Mercutio then accepts the offer in place of Romeo and draws his sword. Tybalt and Mercutio battle it out but before one of them can kill the other Romeo...

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