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Illegal Criminals Essay

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With the need of workers with a high dreger who can we be letting people with the education and patient not work. Why do so may find the need to keep the american dream out the reach of many who worked hard for it. The story of so many high school student not be able to attend the school of their dream because they are not ligalal. This is a story I hear often one of a student who has worked so hard and has been able to get good grades be the first in their family to graduates and have no where to go. Some do make it to college, community college that is where they have to work and study because they don't get the help they deserve. There are so many opsicale for students that are labeled illegal, undocumented,and AB540 all words to describe a person without a social security number.

The story of families who come to the US illegally with young children looking for a better future, a life with opportunities, the goal is to have the best for their children. Have your children graduate at top of their classes as well as ably and willingness to do something with their lives. The idea that your parents risked it all for nothing is many teens are forced to face this problem when it comes to college and job applications beuces of the fact that they have no social security number.

The idea that it is illegal to come to the usa for a dream and be deported when you are close to your goal because you chose to speak up, you chose to sharker your experts to help other while endangering your own future. To me it makes no sense, but as a mexican american I feel that this problem is my own. I may be a citizen but seeing that my neighborhood are being put down because we are good for nothing and do anything for the community.We are seen as a bertan, used by the color of our skin and seen as criminals. I feel strongly about immigration adn the large abut of capable college graduates wasting their degrees beuces of laws. Following your dream has become a crime. I hope that you see that there should be laws to help and not hurt those that want to do better. The fact that people are hold in prison like rooms and then send back to mexican is unfair they are charged as criminals and then are unable to do anything else because of that.

Imagine that you have worked your whole life in school in order to be able to make your parents proud and let them know that their hard work was for a reason.This goal for many is is out of their reach and a crime.

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The video “The Dream is Now” we are given the story of immigrant families who are affected because they are undocumented. This documentary follows the lives of five promising teens who want to be productive members of society. People that want to be doctors, soldiers, and engineers.“There is a bargain you make with your teachers and parents and you believe it work hard do everything right and it...

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