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Illegal Downloading Essay

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Many people love music. There are no situations where people do not feel music. Some shops, for example, play music to make customers feel comfortable. In the past, people bought or rent CDs from the shops whereas now, it is a mainstream ways that people download music from internet sites like iTunes. Even though prevalent internet allows people to obtain many kinds of mu-sic in the world, the illegal downloading or sharing music from the internet site become the problem. Recently, the number of the people who download or share copyrighted material like music has been increasing, so some people argue that the downloading or sharing copyrighted material from internet should be illegal. However, there are three reasons to support that downloading or sharing copyrighted material from the internet should not be legal.
First, it is impossible for government to monitor not only the illegal sites but also the person who downloads or shares the copyrighted material illegally. That is because that the number of the internet site is countless. In fact, according to the survey from Internet Services Provider, over 40 billion illegal files and sites spread out the internet. For instance, India took $8million to bring up the 500,000 specialists of cyber security, yet 75% candidates failed to pass the test and became the specialists of cyber security. It is difficult to secure the labors that monitor the illegal downloading; therefore, if the government deals with all illegal sites, it wastes a large amount of time and money. In addition, when it comes to monitoring internet sites, there are privacy problems. Now that the internet is prevalent in the world, the internet becomes the effective way to communicate. Government monitors all websites or files people visited. This act will be an invasion of privacy. To invade the personal date is not democracy but authoritarianism, so destroying the system of democracy.
In addition, downloading or sharing copyrighted materials also good effect of artists as
advertisement to spread their names through the internet. The musicians can get chance to become popular because illegal downloading spreads music around the world. For instance, some popular...

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