The Cost Of Illegal Imigration Essay

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Our 32nd President Franklin Roosevelt once said the famous words of,” Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” (Roosevelt, Franklin) In the dilemma we face today people love to bring this up as an excuse. In all the years our great country has been established, we have always thrived upon immigrants, because even we are descended from immigrants. However when others come here to our country and are not documented and drastically change our country, then we must fight back against them to reclaim what is ours. We live in a nation where each culture and a single person is just a single important piece to make our country great, but there are recent visitors to our country which have made it a struggle to keep thriving as the great nation we are. The struggle I speak of is not immigration but illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants have caused a struggle politically, in the government and have affected you even in your own schools and work. We must rectify the immigration system to help our predicament because the effects of illegal immigration may surprise you.
One of the largest disadvantages of allowing illegal immigrants in our country is the cost. They take great sums of money away from taxpayers and our government, though such things as welfare, food stamps and free schooling. Illegal immigrants are given such things as free welfare and food stamps from the tax payer’s wallets (Expensive aliens: How much illegal aliens really cost). Even worse is that 80% of illegal immigrants do not pay taxes back, which have caused a great increase in tax rates (Illegal immigration Cost, Crimes and Related problems (US). Tax payers even pay for the housing of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants not being documented made it where they have no taxes or other expenses because they are given all their money from the tax payers and the government. Illegal immigration costs the government $100 billion per year and that number is steadily rising each year (Expensive aliens: How much illegal aliens really cost). The government pays housing, schooling, welfare and every other little thing that illegal immigrants refuse to pay on their own. Illegal immigration has even impacted the economy. Over 500 thousand illegal immigrants arrive to our country yearly which has damaged our economy severely. Our economy cannot withstand 500 thousand undocumented workers who have limited skills and steal from the government with all the free benefits they are given. 95% of all illegal immigrants are part of the lower class and have minimal skills (Illegal immigration Cost, Crimes and Related problems (US). The majority of all Americans are part of the lower class and have minimal trade skills, and with the increase to the illegal populous to this the economy cannot become strong (The economic logic of Illegal immigration). For years we have been fighting against illegal immigration...

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