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Illegal Immigrants In The United States

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Many people in America have something against immigrants who come to this country looking for a better life and to escape from violence. “It is certainly not fair that undocumented immigrant workers do not pay taxes, and it is certainly unfair that they use public services without contributing to it” (Miller 55). For these Americans, their perspective on illegal immigrants is that they are nothing but a waste of space in this country and they are taking away this country’s resources and money with all the kids they are making once they accommodate themselves. The Americans who dislike illegal immigrants want the government to send them back to their country because they just cannot stand immigrants. Illegal immigrants learned how to adjust to the lifestyle of the United States and several of them managed to avoid the immigration officers. Although they are not liked by many, illegal immigrants have both a negative and a positive influence in this country. Therefore, illegal immigrants who had been living in the United States for more than ten years should not be deported because they pay taxes, their labor helps the economy, and the government is wasting money deporting people.
Several American citizens are angry that illegal immigrants come to this country because they think that all the illegal immigrants are here to take advantage of all the benefits they can get and work here without paying taxes. According to Rick Sanchez republican Rick Murphy “have a beef with illegal immigrants because some immigrants come here to collect money from the government and not pay any taxes”. An illegal immigrant who has been living in the United States for more than ten years should not be deported because they pay taxes. Although many Americans think that they do not pay taxes, just like everyone else in this country illegal immigrants have to pay too. Roy Germano, a social scientist and nonfiction filmmaker, stated “Illegal/unauthorized/undocumented immigrants generally pay taxes the same way you and I pay them, but usually without access to the benefits that come with being a taxpayer”. Several illegal immigrants buy a fake identification that they get from people who are selling it for a few hundred dollars. “They get on the payroll by using fake or fraudulent social security numbers or social security numbers of the deceased”(Germano). Another way for an illegal immigrant to get on the payroll is by getting an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. According to Roy Germano “Immigrants now file their income taxes using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs)”. Even though they have a number that they use to pay taxes, illegal immigrants also have to pay taxes for everything they buy including food, house rent, and other items. “Immigrants—legal and undocumented—all buy things, and thus pay these taxes as part of their purchase”. Immigrants are consumers just like everyone else in America. They have things that they have to buy to...

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