Illegal Immigrants And Healthcare Essay

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The healthcare reform has been changing the usual life in both social and economic aspects of not only the residents but also the immigrants. Illegal immigration has both negative and positive impacts on different parts of the health economy. There have been many controversial opinions related to undocumented immigrants and their unofficial “grants” in health care system. With the healthcare reform in progress, it pushes the question further in term of both economic and political platforms.
First of all, as we all know but not quite believe, according to the ACA, undocumented immigrants shall have no federal coverage. They are not mandatory to purchase a form of health insurance, thus are ...view middle of the document...

S. taxpayer, this lead to the question of should undocumented immigrants (aka illegal aliens) be covered under the ACA?
From the medical perspective, bringing people into a primary care system is beneficial for our entire society, both from the public health standpoint and the moral standpoint. As basic preventive care assist in prevent infectious disease in particular interaction, public health improves. From the economic perspective, there also a hint of positive impact implies. As people participate in the health system, it helps on offsetting the associated costs. The more people have health insurance, the more their risk of paying into the system. Therefore, as the nature of insurance, the more premiums are collected “from the healthy to pay for the medical care of those who need it”, such as the disables and the elderly.
Additionally, immigrant populations are reported to be younger comparing to the aging American population, and generally use fewer health cares than the citizens. A study has showed that “from 2002 to 2009 immigrants as a whole contributed an estimated $115 billion more to the Medicare trust fund than they took out. In 2009 alone, immigrants offered a surplus of nearly $14 billion, while U.S.-born people generated a deficit of more than $30 billion. Most of the surplus, incidentally, was from immigrants who were not citizens. This was felt to be from the higher proportion of working-age taxpayers in this demographic.”
The undocumented immigrants are granted the right to use of public health institutions in case of emergency. Undocumented patients who use the emergency room “are still slapped with a hefty hospital bill” when in hospital. However, since most if not all of them, do not have health insurance, the possibilities for them to pay off these bills are impossible. This thus put the burdens back on the shoulder of “a combination of the federal government, state governments, hospitals, and other American consumers of U.S. health care” to absorb the cost, and also raise the price of medical services, since hospitals have to recoup some of their losses. There is the estimation of about “$10.7 billion per year are for subsidizing undocumented immigrants’ health care, $4.3 billion mainly in emergency room and free clinics.” One interested information is...

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