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Illegal Immigrants: Close The Borders Essay

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Illegal immigration has been a problem that has plagued the United States for many years. This problem is not new to the country because thousands of immigrants have crossed over the oceans and Mexican border since our country was founded. The underlying problem is the lack of assimilation to the American ways of life and the acceptance of existing rules and laws. With the already fragile economy and the largely growing unemployment rate Americans must make every effort to close its borders to undocumented workers to ease the strain and retain any available jobs for unemployed Americans and legal workers. Aviva Chomsky writes “immigration plays a much more complex role in the employment picture, and many different factors affecting employment and unemployment.”(4). Chomsky so on to say, “it indeed seems to be the case that immigrants and low-skilled citizens are competing for the same jobs”(11). Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants enter the country and start working either under illegal names or take agricultural jobs in which they are paid under the table. Chomsky solidifies this fact when she say “some immigrants work in the informal economy, and are paid under the table in-cash, so they don’t have federal and state income taxes, or social security taxes, deducted from their paychecks”(36).Which a lot of employers are catching on to because on doing this they don’t have to pay taxes and can turn more of a profit This also hurts the country’s economy because no one is paying their taxes and so there is no money flowing to pull the country out of the current recession. This burden indefinitely falls on the shoulders of the rest of the legal citizens of America who are inevitable paying the way for this one sided labor force. David North of the new TransCentry Foundation in Washington, D.C. discovered that indeed illegal immigrants received unemployment. “of 147 illegal immigrants arrested by federal authorities in 1975 who re-entered the labor force, 35% received unemployment benefits at some time over the next five years.”(Anzovin 49)
However, more recently illegal immigration has finally met with some opposition in some states such as Arizona, and Georgia with the passing of new legislation to crack down on illegal immigrants’ in these states. Until recently the illegal immigrants’ population in Georgia had increased every spring due to the fact that illegal workers move north from Florida after agricultural labor jobs run out at the end of harvesting season. But with the new immigration laws that have taken place in some states such as Georgia and Arizona it allows local law enforcement to see if a worker is legally able to work in the US. If the workers are illegal they are immediately deported and the employer that hired them is charged fine in excess of 270,000 dollars or more. All be it, the laws are more lax in my home state of Georgia than Arizona, I’m glad to see that the state has made some effort to battle the affliction...

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